WATCH LIVE: April the giraffe baby watch now heads into the weekend

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HARPURSVILLE, New York — Animal lovers are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of a baby giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in New York. We are going into the weekend with no baby.

Friday evening, the park said there was not much change to report; however, there are continued belly movements!

April the giraffe on 3/3/17Here is another update from Friday:

“Evident to our overnight viewers, April changed some of her behaviors overnight. Moving in different patterns, choosing new spots to stand and sleep, and even going off her usual sleep routine (recognizable to our loyal viewers). Why? Could be many reasons. Continued increase in belly movements. Keeper reports this morning suggest all observed physical signs remain unchanged and on the positive.

The weather has robbed us of the warmer temperatures we have been receiving, and brought snow and ice. This creates a slip fall hazard for the giraffes, so they will remain indoors today. This will mean increased enrichment, training sessions, and attention from our team. Any days our giraffes are not able to have yard access – our Plan B enrichment program takes over to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy (stimulated).”

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