Veteran Cleveland officer facing administrative charges for shooting gun in bar

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CLEVELAND – A veteran Cleveland police officer is facing several administrative charges, accused of shooting his gun inside a bar in November 2015.

The administrative charges, outlined in a letter to Officer Sean Gorman, say that on November 24, 2015 he did talk about shooting his gun off inside the Clark Bar and then “you did discharge your firearm inside the bar.”

The letter also states Gorman did not contact the Communications Control Section to report that he fired his gun, and also alleges he was “untruthful to a supervisor relative to the circumstances surrounding the discharge of your firearm inside the Clark Bar.”

It further states that in August of 2016, Gorman was untruthful during an interview with Internal Affairs investigators.

The hearing was held in December but a city spokesman says no discipline has been issued yet.

In December 2015, Gorman was charged with a felony weapon charge stemming from the incident. The case was sent to the grand jury, but a records search show he was never indicted.

The FOX 8 I-Team broke the story in November 2015  that an internal investigation was underway over Gorman’s alleged actions inside the Clark Bar in Tremont.

A woman called 911 around 8:30 on Nov. 24, 2015  saying an off-duty officer had fired a shot inside the bar. A supervisor, who was sent to the bar after the call was made, advised it was a firework and not a gun shot.

Gorman has been on the force since 1993.

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