Pothole problem: Drivers warned to drive at their own risk in local community

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BRADY LAKE - Potholes are popping up all over Cleveland but drivers in one Portage County town say their craters take the cake.

"It's in obstacle course and even swerving back and forth you can't miss none of the holes," said Barb McElroy.

The worst potholes a Fox 8 camera found were on Cox Street. Drivers there say the road hasn't been paved in years.

"I had to drive through the landmine here it's tearing up the truck up obviously," said driver Rick Alleshouse.

A village secretary says they are not blocking attempts to fix the streets. They instead blame the state for taking away money, $60,000 worth dedicated towards roads nearly five years ago.

A levy was passed last year dedicated towards the problem. Residents say they have not seen any efforts to pave the road or fill potholes.

"Highly dangerous just due to the distraction of the road. I don't think it safe for anybody to come down here," said driver Alexis Hill.

Signs have been posted along the street warning drivers to proceed at their own risk.