Officers attempted to negotiate with suspects before shots were fired in downtown stand-off

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — More details have been released after one officer and two suspects were injured in an hours-long stand-off in downtown Cleveland Tuesday morning.

According to Cleveland police, it all started at about 1:30 p.m. when officers on foot patrol in the area of East 23rd Street and Hamilton avenue saw several people in a vehicle. One appeared to be holding a bag of drugs.

The officers ordered the four occupants out of the car, and found that one of the suspects in the backseat had a handgun.The man and woman in the backseat got out of the vehicle without incident and without the gun.

The front seat driver and passenger, however, stayed inside the vehicle and pulled the doors closed, refusing to get out.

The Cleveland Division of Police SWAT unit was called due to barricaded suspects. Negotiators attempted to talk to the occupants, who still would not exit the vehicle. SWAT officers deployed the armed vehicle in their approach of the suspect’s vehicle.

During the attempted negotiations, officers contacted at least one suspect’s family member in an attempt to have them contact the suspect and ask them to surrender.

Eventually around 4 a.m., one of the suspects fired at the SWAT officers. Officers didn’t return fire, but continued to talk to the suspects. The suspects then fired at the officers again multiple times. A SWAT officer was grazed in the leg by a bullet.

Multiple officers then returned fire. One suspect was shot and fell down outside the vehicle. The second suspect stayed inside the vehicle.

Both were taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

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