Two officers injured during traffic stop, crash in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN, Ohio--  Two police officers were injured during a traffic stop and crash in Brooklyn Friday afternoon around 2 p.m.

Officers pulled over a van they recognized from a previous theft case and then realized the driver was 34-year-old Thomas LaForce.

According to police, LaForce has active warrants and an extensive criminal history; including aggravated robbery and grand theft, but as an officer tried to remove LaForce from the vehicle he sped away on Ridge Rd.

A witness tells Fox 8 the officer appeared to be dragged for about 75 ft.

“I was a little concerned for the police officer because I thought he got him,” said Chris Jake, “He almost ran his legs over.”

Chris Jake was on his way home from work when he became part of the accident scene.

Thomas LaForce

Thomas LaForce (photo from Brooklyn police)

“I had my seat belt on..thank God for that,” said Chris.

LaForce led police on a high speed chase, before crashing into Chris’s pick-up truck at Ridge and Southfield Rds.

“It was fast,” said Chris, “I mean when the weapons were out I was like I think bullets are gonna fly and I’m ducking.”

No shots were fired as officers broke the glass and safely removed LaForce from the van without further incident.

Charges are pending against LaForce who was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment.

Two officers were treated for minor injuries and released.

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