Buses may return to Public Square in early March

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CLEVELAND - It appears buses might finally be returning to Public Square, if the RTA has its way.

"The FTA granted us an extension, this is the final extension so this takes us to March 6th. So we are working with the city to make sure all the concerns are met and meet that deadline," said Linda Krecic, with the RTA.

Tests runs through Public Square began Monday.

"We actually ran buses through Superior, that stretch that was closed. We have 500 buses that would potentially move through there on any given day," said Krecic.

But before that can happen, the RTA along with the city of Cleveland must agree on a number of items to ensure pedestrian safety.

"Some of it is signage to show pedestrians where they would cross. Some of it is Americans with Disabilities, making it clear where the sidewalk is. Better striping on that road, it will be a bus only road but we need clear striping white lines," said Krecic.

Meantime the city of Cleveland released a statement saying, "The City is focused on the process to addressing the operational and financial issues as well as the safety and security concerns."