Suspect indicted for hit-and-run crash on I-90 that killed a Cleveland police officer

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CLEVELAND- Investigators now tell the FOX 8 I-TEAM the driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash was high on drugs at the time he killed Cleveland Police officer David Fahey.

Israel Alvarez has now been indicted on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, failure to stop after an accident, and drug possession.

Cleveland Accident Investigators found Alvarez was high on cocaine, and he had cocaine in his car.

Last month, police say Alvarez hit and killed officer Fahey on I-90, and then took off. Fahey had been directing traffic at another accident scene. A source close to the case says a blood test revealed Alvarez had 8 times more cocaine in his system than what the law considers the minimal level for impairment.

The I-TEAM revealed earlier, a delay in getting that blood test done. It did not happen until about 12 hours after the crash, in part, because of a dispute over court paperwork at the hospital.

We also revealed earlier, Alvarez told investigators he thought he had hit an orange cone. Yet police video showed his car with a heavily dented hood, and steam or smoke coming out of the engine. Plus, multiple sources say, pieces of the officer’s clothing were stuck to the car. And now we’ve learned even the front windshield was cracked.

Alvarez has a record for drugs. And the officer’s family reacted to the new charges. Kathy Fahey, an aunt, said, "Who can be surprised? A drug addict with drugs in his system and drugs in his car. Who on God's green earth would be surprised?" She added, "What good does this man serve on the purpose of the earth? I don't see it. But he took a good man out."

The officer’s death led to a huge outpouring of support for his family. As we shared the news of the indictment with the Cleveland Police Union President, he told us how one woman did all she could to help. Steve Loomis said, "I got a note from a little old lady that lives on the east side. And she sent a five dollar check wishing that it could be more."

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say the max for Alvarez if convicted of these new charges would be 12 years. Not enough for Kathy Fahey. She said, "I think it's too bad it won't be a death sentence."

Alvarez goes back to court next week. He now has an attorney from Columbus. She had not seen the new charges, and didn’t want to comment about the case. But she has been hired by Alvarez. She was not appointed by the court. She says she previously had handled a case for someone Alvarez knows.

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