Ohio couple’s pregnancy announcement goes viral after they decide to have a little fun

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Photo courtesy: Kayla Duffin Photography

Photo courtesy: Kayla Duffin Photography

Photo courtesy: Kayla Duffin Photography

They are constantly cracking each other up. So, it was only fitting that they would have a little fun with their pregnancy announcement.

Ohio couple Amanda Diesen and Todd Krieg met in 2015 while she was working as a therapist at a paralysis recovery center in California.  Amanda said Todd was injured in a dirt bike crash in 2014 and was paralyzed from the chest down.

The two fell in love and just recently announced some wonderful news: They are expecting a baby. The couple was shocked.  “Doctors had said it would be nearly impossible to conceive naturally due to Todd’s injury, but here we are, 14 weeks pregnant,” Amanda shared on a bridal website.

Amanda and Todd decided to do a special photo shoot to let their family and friends know the big news.

Amanda told TODAY she had seen announcements where the dad was holding a sign that said, “I did that.” They decided to switch it up to “It still works.”

The photo, which shows Todd sticking out his tongue and giving a thumbs up, went viral. Kayla Duffin Photography took the photo and shared it with FOX 8 News.

During the photo shoot, Amanda got a beautiful surprise. Todd proposed to her. Now, the two are planning a wedding. They shared more of their story on a bridal website in the hopes of winning a contest for a free wedding.

Amanda wrote:

“Todd and I are constantly cracking each other up. We think we are the funniest people we know (and it’s totally true). The joy he brings me is unexplainable and he is my best friend. I admire Todd for the struggles he’s been through and hardship he now faces with being in a wheel chair and unable to walk. He is in constant pain from his injury, yet finds a way to put on a happy face in order to love me and others well. I think it takes patience, understanding, and a humble heart to love on someone in his situation, and I am so thankful I’ve been given the opportunity to spend my life with this man. We are blessed to have each other and are truly a perfect match.”

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