Would you try it? Ice cream shop hopes to be able to sell alcoholic treats

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CONNEAUT, Ohio -- Are you ready for alcoholic ice cream: ice-cream infused with say, real bourbon?

A Northeast Ohio ice cream shop has cleared a major hurdle and hopes to be selling alcoholic ice cream, sorbets and even parfaits soon.

There are laws on the books now that allow you to make alcoholic ice cream or sell it -- but not both.

Heavenly Creamery, located in an old church in Conneaut, is working with a state lawmaker; a bill to open a very big door is in the pipeline at the statehouse.

The ice cream shop makes all kinds of ice cream right now, but is really eager to start selling 'Sinful Selections;' that'll be the line with the boozy taste.

Owners Joe and Christine Ericksen tasted some bourbon ice cream during a trip to Kentucky, but didn't like the taste using extracts, so they started testing using the real deal and voila!

They make it for private parties but say getting the chance to sell it would be like striking gold for their business.

As for getting intoxicated on ice cream?  "We use roughly three ounces of bourbon to a quart of ice cream mix. When it's all said and done it works out to 3.25 percent alcohol content after vanilla..a pint of ice cream would then be the equivalent of a beer. The possibility is you can get drunk; the issue is with all the cream and sugar in your stomach it probably would not be an enjoyable experience," said Joe.

You can buy alcohol-infused ice cream now but with a much lower alcohol level. This bill allows ice ream with up to 6 percent alcohol by volume.

You would have to be 21 and the current bill allows the sale of only four pints per person in one day.


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