Van used by Maple Heights family to transport daughter to therapy is stolen

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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - "It was 1:30 in the afternoon Saturday. I was changing the baby on the changing table and the window is right there," said Darlene Spreitzer, of Maple Heights.

That is when Spreitzer and her fiance, Billy Morley, realized their blue '03 Dodge Caravan was missing.

"My heart hit the floor. All the kids' car seats are in there. And my daughter is a special needs child, she needs a special car seat," said Spreitzer.

Kaylee, who is almost two years old, was born with hydrocephalus.

Half of her diaphragm is paralyzed.

"Kaylee's head was 53 centimeters when she was born. When she turned one, her neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon made her head go to normal size. Now she is able to hold her head up and move around. So, we go to therapy several times a week and we need that van to get to therapy," said Spreitzer.

Kaylee has twin five-year-old brothers, Dylan and Braydon.

" I wrote my first and last name all by myself. We were going to get a Hatchimal but someone took our car," said Dylan.

Darlene and Billy immediately called Maple Heights Police to investigate.

Meantime, they are left with no way to transport their children.

"The kids keep calling the person a bad guy. I was like, he's not a bad guy, he made a bad decision," said Spreitzer.

The family adds the van has a hydrocephalus awareness ribbon sticker on it and Billy's band sticker, Army of Athens, which reads A-O-A.

Meantime, the family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for a new van. You can click here to donate.