Watch little boy’s adorable dance at end of chemo treatments

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PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — A little boy’s adorable dance at the end of his chemotherapy treatments is going viral.

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC posted the video on its Facebook page. It shows 6-year-old Jimmy Spagnolo ringing the bell with his family and hospital staff to celebrate.

The hospital said:

The bell signifies so many emotions – it can signify the sound of tears, strength, fear, courage, doubt, satisfaction, relief and happiness all coming through as one as people around them cheer this accomplishment. The sound of that bell resonates in more ways than one. The emotion in the room is just unbelievable.

CBS News reports Jimmy has been battling an inoperable brain tumor since he was a baby.

But, Friday, was all about celebrating. The video shows the child wearing a Superman shirt while he does a happy dance after ringing the bell.

Jimmy’s tumor is much smaller now; doctors are hoping he may be able to live with it.

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