Officer being investigated after posting videos in uniform while in patrol car

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EAST CLEVELAND -- The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered startling videos posted online by a local police officer and recorded while he was in uniform.

East Cleveland police confirm the officer in the videos is patrolman Deondre Westfield.

We found he posted videos on Instagram.  Some show him talking to the camera while driving a patrol car with a partner by his side. Others show him talking about drivers he just ticketed--even laughing about it. Others show him rapping or grooving to music in the patrol car. And one shows him in what appears to be a scripted skit.

However, when faced with an I-Team camera at the police station, Westfield barged past, walked into a secure area, and shut the door.

Meantime, consider: East Cleveland is so poor, the town struggles to keep enough officers to protect the streets. And just weeks ago, a robber with a knife attacked an elderly man. His wife called for help. Police never showed. So how can a town like that have a cop making short videos in a patrol car?

We showed the video to the mayor. Mayor Brandon King said, “And he’s in uniform and a patrol car. Let me look into it. But we do not condone any of that.”

After our visit to city hall, the East Cleveland Police Chief also started an internal investigation.

By late Monday, we found that officer’s Instagram account suddenly switched to private. East Cleveland officials want to see the videos we found earlier.

They tell us Westfield has been on their force just a couple of years.