I-Team: Cleveland police officer accused of pulling gun on driver in case of road rage

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-Team has found a Cleveland Police officer accused of pulling a gun on a driver in a case of road rage.

Officer Eneida Hartman has been charged with Aggravated Menacing.

A man says Hartman cut him off; he blew the horn, and at the next stoplight, he says Hartman pulled a gun and pointed it through her car window at him. The chief’s office says the incident happened off-duty, and the other driver says Hartman never identified herself as an officer.

Records show the incident happened during the morning rush on Tuesday near Edgewater Park.

Hartman scrambled away from the I-Team when spotted in the Justice Center. When we caught up with her she said, "You know I can't comment. It's an ongoing investigation."

The other driver said, "She rolled her window down, started screaming and yelling a bunch of gibberish. I rolled my window down to see what she was saying, and she pointed her pistol out the window at me.”

A police union attorney has already filed a not guilty plea on behalf of the officer. Attorney Henry Hilow calls Hartman “a good public servant," and he adds, “She did not engage in any criminal activity.”

A police spokesperson says Hartman is now on restricted duty. Her normal assignment is the Warrant Unit.