Former Cleveland police officer involved in shooting pleads not guilty to drug charges

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CLEVELAND – The Fox 8 I-Team asked tough questions of the man at the heart of a mysterious police shooting.

We caught up with the officer, Jon Periandri, who was involved in the June 2015 shooting as he went to court to face his own drug charges.

And we asked him why there are now two versions of what took place during the shooting, that wounded Joevon Dawson. He refused to respond, and his attorney said no comment.

Shortly after the shooting, police said Dawson was shot after he got out of the car and produced a gun. However, after Dawson filed a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force, the city of Cleveland responded saying the suspect was shot after a struggle with the officer.

Periandri resigned about a year after the shooting.

He was indicted in January on felony drug possession charges. He plead not guilty to those charges Thursday.

Periandri is due back in court February 14, which is the same day he is to be in federal court for a settlement hearing on the excessive force lawsuit, where he may have to answer the questions he has been avoiding.

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