Whoa! Woman sent to hospital when pet python gets stuck in earlobe hole

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PORTLAND, Oregon -- A Portland woman says she and her pet python are inseparable -- but they recently became a little too close for comfort.

Ashley Glawe said she put Bart around her shoulders, when it felt like he struck at her ear.

Turns out, he wasn't in attack mode. He was just trying to hide -- in the hole made by her gauge ear piercing. And he became very stuck.

**Go to the bottom of this page to see photos of Bart stuck in her ear. Warning: some of the language in the Facebook post may be considered offensive**

Glawe said she tried to get him out using cooking oil, but she didn't want to hurt him.

She called the fire department, who also had no luck in removing the snake. Then Glawe tried the emergency room.

There, they numbed her ear and applied lubrication before pulling out the snake.

Glawe's ear was irritated and bruised, but Bart turned out to be just fine.