Local refugee organization reacts to new immigration executive order

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CLEVELAND -- President Donald Trump's executive order limiting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries has received some backlash. Iran says it will stop in all US citizens from entering the country.

Here in Cleveland, people who work with refugees regularly are concerned with the new vetting measures.

Danielle Drake, a refugee advocate, tells Fox 8 that the vast number of refugees coming into the country are under the age of 18.

Drake, who works with Refugee Services Collaborative, believes refugees have always been heavily vetted and the new order seems unnecessary. She says it's sad because families will be disconnected.

"My heart goes out of all of the refugees that thought that they were going to be able to come to United States. All three of our resettlement agencies had families that were scheduled to come.  It's very disheartening," Drake said.

More on this, here.


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