Dog who loves adventures roams his way into so many hearts

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KENTUCKY — A dog who absolutely loves to make new friends has gone viral after one of his recent adventures.

The pup named Dew who lives with his family in Kentucky sometimes roams away from the 70-acre farm where he lives, his mom, Mandy Lee, tells BuzzFeed.

He likes his adventures so much that his collar reads: “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

One of those adventures happened earlier this month when Dew met a new friend at a local gas station. Tyler Wilson tweeted about his run-in with Dew and that tweet has been liked over 300k times.

He said, “Came up to me while I was pumping gas. Dew just likes to adventure.”

The family tells BuzzFeed, Dew, who has his own Facebook page called Dew’s Adventures, has a lot of places he likes to hang out like the firehouse and a school.  Everyone loves him.

The pup recently comforted a woman going through a tough time. A post on Dew’s Adventures Facebook page says:

“One touching story of Dew’s is a lady called us saying dew was at her house. She lived 2 streets over. She was on her porch crying and really going thru a hard time. Dew had come up on her porch and consoled her. We told her we would come get him if he was bothering her. She said no he was her angel that night and she would tell him to go home when she went in side. He is such a loving dog…”

The family wants to stress that no one needs to worry about Dew’s safety. Lee tells BuzzFeed, Dew wears a GPS collar and is chipped. She says, he doesn’t go far and “is home every night, and does not miss a meal.”

**More on Dew, here.**

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