VIDEO: Man records part of wild police chase at crowded gas station in Wooster

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WOOSTER, Ohio -- Part of a wild police chase was caught on tape, and only FOX 8 has the video.

It shows how dangerous it can be when police are trying to apprehend a suspect who is determined to get away.

The video is from the phone of a man who was at a Circle K gas station in Wooster. It's his box truck that the suspect jumps into to get away.

In the video, you see the man with the phone running fast to get away from the spot where police are closing in.

The suspect then takes off in the stolen van, jumping a curb as he goes. All of this took place at a crowded gas station. At one point, the suspect uses the yellow van to push a police cruiser that had blocked his way, then goes around it to escape.

In the moments just after the suspect took off, the man shooting the video sounds understandably shaken by what he just witnessed.

We are still waiting to learn why the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Wooster police were chasing the suspect.

We understand two police cruisers were damaged, but we don't know other details about damages or injuries.

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