Missing package mystery: How did stash of boxes end up in illegal dump in Cleveland?

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating a mystery of stolen packages that never made it to homes like yours. How did a stash of empty boxes from Amazon end up in an illegal dump?

About 20 boxes shipped from Amazon never made it to the places where they were sent. Detectives found them empty at an illegal landfill near East 93rd and Meech in Cleveland. Those detectives are with a Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Environmental Crimes Task Force.

Sgt. Andy Ezzo said, "Basically, what somebody did was, they got the Amazon boxes. They went through ‘em. Took what they wanted. And then dumped in the City of Cleveland on Meech Avenue which is a big problem for us."

The task force has repeatedly investigated illegal dumping in the area where the boxes were found. Now the unit is trying to figure out how these packages ended up in the wrong hands.

Investigators found the packages came from places such as Kentucky and New Jersey, and they went to an Amazon distribution center in Twinsburg. But those environmental crimes investigators hit a dead end with their tracking. While they found those packages made it to that local Amazon warehouse, the boxes never made it to post offices. Those packages should have gone to addresses in Mentor and Willard.

"It’s not the post office that picks ‘em up from Twinsburg distribution. There's a private contractor, and obviously there's a driver,” said Sgt. Ezzo.

As police investigate, Amazon released a statement to the I-Team.

A spokesman said,

“We appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. We've asked the right teams internally to reach out to local officials on this to investigate what occurred.
We work with customers directly on matters related to their package delivery.”

Meantime, the I-Team surprised Patsy Hixson in Mentor. We showed up at her door and found she had never received a package from her husband for Christmas.

As for the crooks who are to blame for the stolen packages, Hixson said, "You know what? Truthfully I feel really sorry for the people that did it." She added, "Thank you for stopping by and letting us know what happened to our package because we had no idea."

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