Eagle family likely to stay at just three, according to Eagle Cam experts

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FORT MYERS, Florida – As Harriet and M15 tend to their new little eaglet, E9, many people fascinated with the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam family have been wondering about the other egg in the nest that has not hatched yet.

On Monday, the Eagle Cam’s Facebook page posted that since it is now day 41 for the egg and no pips (cracks) have been seen, it is doubtful that the egg will hatch. The average window for an egg to hatch is between 34 and 40 days.

According to the post, adult eagles may move the egg to the side of the nest, bury it or remove it completely. If the egg has been cracked in some way, they may even eat it, which would give them a big dose of calcium.

E9 hatched on New Year’s Eve at 7:33 a.m. and has become quite the internet sensation, thanks to the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. Viewers have been able to see both parents patiently sitting on the eggs, the newborn eaglet and now the apparently really hungry eaglet. The parents have kept up a steady stream of (very) fresh fish and other food for the little one, who is getting fluffier and more active each day.

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