Lebron James loses one last bet in 2016….to his son

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AKRON, Ohio – Ok, we all remember that LeBron James had a bet going on the outcome of the World Series with his buddy Dwyane Wade. And since the Indians lost to the Cubs in Game 7, the Cavs superstar had to suit up in a Cubs uniform when the team played in Chicago.

Unfortunately, LeBron just didn’t learn his lesson after that. Seems that just before New Years, he bet his son Bronny that he could beat him at Pong. (PONG?)  And yup, dad lost to son.

The bet?

Loser eats raw garlic:

(warning: Lebron has a rather strong “verbal” reaction to eating the garlic and refers to it in a not so flattering way)

Hmmm…bet he was wishing he’d bet on wearing another Cubs uniform after that.

His wife also posted it to her Instagram account, hashtagging it:

#LostAGameOfPongToBronny #ExcuseMyStuffyNose #RandomShenanigans

Wonder if LeBron wishes he’d made a bet to wear another Cubs uniform?