2016 will last one second longer than you thought it would

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Didn’t care so much for 2016? The bad news is, this year is not going to end when you thought it was.

The  good news is, it will only last a second longer than normal.

Apparently though, 2016 is a nightmare that refuses to end as it will be precisely one second longer than most years.

According to Jay Reynolds, a research astronomer at Cleveland State University, here’s why this year will be one second longer: The Earth’s rotation is essentially slowing down, and the atomic clocks used today are so very accurate, that every so often, a second needs to be added.  The “leap second” means that New Year’s Eve 2016 will be 86,401 seconds as opposed to the 86,400 in a normal day.

Reynolds says this has been happening since 1972. Since then, 26 leap seconds have been added!