Trip of a lifetime: Kids in viral video visit Cleveland to see Cavs in action

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- When the Cavs tipped off against the Boston Celtics Thursday night at the Q, two very special fans were in the stands.

"I'm 11 and I never thought I'd be here in my life," said Karson Wehde, along with his 14-yearold brother, Kole.

Four days ago, these die-hard Cavs fans from Des Moines, Iowa got a very special Christmas gift and their mom posted their reaction to Twitter.

"I just bought the tickets a week ago. I just decided to do it. I thought, it will be fun. Ten hours in the car, we'll get through it. I'm just so glad I did it, that immediate joy that they had," said Kim Wehde, mother.

The video quickly went viral.

What's not to love about two kids going crazy about coming to Cleveland?

"I've always been a LeBron fan forever and once he went to Cleveland, I followed him. And then my brother became a big fan of Kyrie. Now we are obsessed with the Cavs," said Karson.

From being court kids before the game to standing court side to welcome to the team, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"Me and my brother were so excited. We like counted down to Cleveland each minute," said Karson.

The Wehdes first time to Cleveland, Ohio, was definitely worth the trip. It was made even better because the Cavs won!

"I just get choked up when I think about this experience for them. And the way that Cleveland has embraced them has made it even better," said Kim.

By the way, the family went to Melt in Lakewood for lunch. They had the grilled cheese and chicken fingers.

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