Snow already beginning to pile up in parts of Geauga County

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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio -- By Thursday evening, the snow had already started piling up around Northeast Ohio, especially in the tradition Snowbelt. ODOT officials say they spent most of the day preparing to keep area highways safe for drivers.

The snow started falling steadily in Bainbridge, as Geauga County prepared to become ground zero for another lake effect snowfall in Northeast Ohio.

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"I've got five kids. I love the snow; I love that they can get outside and play, rather than in the mud and gross rainy weather," said one woman.

"We haven't had a total amount of it yet to get sick of, but yeah, I'm sick of it now; I'm a tropical bird," said another Geauga County resident.

ODOT officials say they were fully staffed with 80 trucks in Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties. Crews spent the day out pre-treating highways in some cases.

"We do know that the storm that's upcoming is focused on Geauga County, so we're prepared to shift crews east and then south a little bit as they're needed. We just want to reallocate those trucks to where the snow is hitting the hardest at the time," said ODOT spokeswoman Marissa McDaid.

Already this year, lake effect snowstorms have wreaked havoc on I-90 in nearby Lake County, including a multi-car pileup earlier this month.

ODOT says they will work to keep the interstate clear and warn drivers to be alert for changing weather conditions. ODOT also reminds drivers of their winter motto "Ice and snow, take it slow."

It's always important to slow down, to brake early and to brake slowly when you're out on the highways. We do have digital displays put up on 90 to warn people of incoming snow squalls," said McDaid.

As people in Northeast Ohio prepared to ring in 2017, Fox 8 ran into a few out-of-towners who welcome the white stuff.

"I'm from Kansas City, so I guess it's a nice, fun change for a few days; we're here for the weekend," said one woman.

"He's excited...yes, oh yea I'm really excited about this. I can't wait until there's actually snow in Kansas City though; we need a snow day there," said the little boy who was with her.

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