Dash cam video shows horrific crash that injured Cuyahoga Falls police officer

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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio-- Dash camera video from a Cuyahoga Falls cruiser shows the moment a fleeing suspect slams his pick-up truck into an officer’s vehicle.

The crash happened July 23 and seriously injured Cuyahoga Falls Officer Ted Davis.

“It was just horrific and hard to believe that he actually survived,” said Mayor Don Walters.
The Cuyahoga Falls Law Department released some of the dash camera video after a Fox 8 public record’s request.

Prior to the crash, the suspect allegedly called 911 and threatened to kill law enforcement officers.

The suspect, Donald Watson Jr., is also accused of damaging several vehicles in the police department’s parking lot before leading police on a high-speed chase.

Watson remains in jail and facing several charges, including attempted murder and felonious assault.

Officer Davis returned to work full time earlier this month. “It’s so great to have him back,” Mayor Walters said.

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