Monday’s the big day! Ready to see Scott’s beard go bye bye?

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The many bearded faces of Scott Sabol

The many bearded faces of Scott Sabol

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A lot of people are ready to see it go, and no one is more anxious than our own Scott Sabol!

The FOX 8 meteorologist, who has been growing a beard for more than 100 days, will finally shave Monday morning on FOX 8 News, after the Browns won their first game of the season on Christmas Eve.

FOX 8 anchors spruce up Scott's beard with some ornaments!

FOX 8 anchors spruce up Scott’s beard with some ornaments!

If you remember, Scott vowed not to shave his beard until the Browns won a game.  After going 0-14 until Saturday, the beard was going strong. It gained a bunch of national attention and was even getting mail at Fox 8.

Now, we will all be saying bye bye to the beard.

Hair stylist Jonathon Worley will be shaving Scott’s beard on Fox 8 News in the Morning on Monday.

It takes times to shave off all of that facial hair.  So tune in as the process begins starting around 7 a.m.

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