A Christmas Story House could become a Lego set. Here’s how to make it happen

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CLEVELAND - It's one of Cleveland's iconic structures and a part of every Clevelander's Christmas: The Christmas Story House.

But can you imagine being able to build that house, immortalized in the movie "A Christmas Story" and located in Tremont,  out of Legos? Complete with the leg lamp, the radio, the door under the sink, the Lifebouy soap, the Bumpus dogs and of course, the deranged Easter Bunny Ralphie.

That's what Jason Middaugh would like, so he has submitted a design to the Lego Ideas site to have Lego actually make and sell it to the public. Lego loves to get ideas for new sets, and they have an entire site dedicated to ideas.

Middaugh submitted his idea and now is in the process of what Lego calls gathering support for it. When the house gets 10,000 votes of support, Lego will officially review the project. If it passes the review board, it gets made and we can all build our own Lego Christmas Story House!


The support must come on this actual page - not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram...but you can share the page on alego-house-pagell those social media platforms and tell everyone to go to the page, sign up for a profile, and pledge their support to The Old Man, Mother, Ralphie and Randy. And their house.



For more information on the whole project, you can visit Middaugh's Facebook page. 

But remember, you have to sign in and vote on the Lego page. There's no cost to it. No eyes will be harmed in the voting process. And it would be a major award if the idea got selected.


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