Suspect caught on video driving towards trooper who had gun drawn

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AKRON, Ohio - Cell phone video shows the harrowing moments when a suspect appears to hit a state trooper as the driver ignores commands to get out of a rented Jeep.

Lt. Michael Combs of the Ohio Highway Patrol told FOX 8 News the incident followed a traffic stop on Arlington Street in Akron.

The Jeep ended up at gas pumps outside of a Circle K, next to where Emily Cerepak was stopped at a red light. Cerepak took out her phone and started recording.

The video shows one trooper in front of the Jeep with his gun apparently drawn, and another behind the vehicle attempting to use a tool to break a window.

"He was hitting on the window and he probably hit it a good 10 times. And the window wouldn't break, like it wouldn't even nudge," Cerepak said.

"That's when the (driver) went forward with his car.  He hit the officer with the car. He had his hand on the front of the car. And then he went over the sidewalk, and he got pretty close to my car and just took off," she added.

Combs said after the initial stop, the man who was at the wheel of the Jeep got out.

"The driver was asked to step from the vehicle, which he did.  He was compliant and the passenger. However, during the traffic stop became non compliant and actually moved over into the drivers seat and failed to obey officers commands," Combs said.

The video clip shows the Jeep jumping a curb to get away.

Although the vehicle appears to hit the trooper, whose gun was drawn, no shots were fired.

"Officers gave chase, pursued the vehicle for a period of time. But when the pursuit became inherently dangerous, officers terminated and we decided at that point to go with the information we had as to the identification of the passenger, who did become the driver and our suspect,"Combs said.

The Jeep was discovered abandoned on Bee Bee Circle in Akron on Friday.

Investigators with the Ohio Highway Patrol, Akron police, the Summit County Sheriff's Office, and the U.S. Marshals Service searched for the suspect, and were able to apprehend him without incident late Friday afternoon.

Authorities were not identifying the man prior to charges being formally filed.

"It does appear that this officer exercised a lot of restraint in not utilizing force at that point and utilized other means to try to get the vehicle to stop verbal commands," Combs said.