Business is booming for area auto body shops after weekend snowstorm

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, OH -  Several inches of the white stuff has area auto body shops seeing green.

"We finally got in, got the driveway cleared out, and as soon as I got in the office we started getting claims started coming in, people coming in dropping off their cars, that had had accidents the following evening and in the morning actually," says Jeffrey Longstreet, owner of Longstreet Auto Body on Richmond Road.

Richmond Heights was one of the hardest hit areas on the east side, getting around two feet of snow.

In fact, we are told the manager of a sports store inside Richmond Mall had to spend the night in his car Friday because the parking lot hadn't been plowed and he simply couldn't get out.

As far as damaged vehicles, area auto collision businesses have been inundated with insurance claims. Some vehicles were a total loss; others have extensive damage.

This all stems from a heavy weekend snowfall, with snow plows having a tough time keeping up.

The result? Damaged cars.

Longstreet says, "The cars that we have towed in, they are non-driveable. We've had two or three non-driveables come in, where we had to send tow trucks to pick them up. All weather-related."

Carl Tarrance is in town visiting family and brought his dad's SUV in for an estimate after he was involved in a minor car accident.

"Well I'm from Georgia so definitely not used to it so it's kind of hard to maneuver a little bit. So yeah, my dad slipped off the road a little bit," said Tarrance.

The young man's dad and the manager who slept in the car are both fine.

In nearby Euclid, police are reporting 31 motor vehicle accidents, 25 vehicle tows, 90 snow ban parking tickets issued, and only minor injuries for a few of the motorists involved in the accidents.