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Browns lose, Scott Sabol’s beard wins

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CLEVELAND –  Day 94 of The Beard Chronicles finds the Cleveland Browns losing the Battle of Ohio to the Cincinnati Bengals. Their record now stands at 0-13.

And Fox 8’s Scott Sabol will continue to grow THE BEARD.

Back during the start of the Cleveland Browns’ season, Scott vowed to grow out his beard until the team won their first game. So the razor and shaving cream get a rest for at least another week.

This isn’t the first time Scott has grown his beard based on the news of the day. One winter, he kept it growing going until the temperature went above 60.  Last year, he vowed to grow his beard as long as the Cavs kept winning. (And we all know where their season ended!!!)

His beard has gained national attention in recent days, Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated posted a story on its website about Scott’s commitment. So have ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Fox Sports.

Scott’s previous beard-building record was 74 days. He is WAY beyond that right now.

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