Richmond Heights still digging out from 2 feet of snow

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio--The snow came down fast and many people on the east side are still digging out. Depending on where you parked on Friday night, you still may be stuck.

Most of the main roads were noticeably well plowed on Saturday afternoon after about 2 feet of snow fell from Friday night into Saturday.

Lots of Richmond Heights drivers fared well after plowing, snow blowing or shoveling.

(Photo: Allison Brown/FOX 8 News)

(Photo: Allison Brown/FOX 8 News)

But parking lots are still a problem in some parts of the city.  As of Saturday night some drivers hadn't even tried to get out of the Dorchester Village Apartments on Chestnut Lane.

"It has been all day not being able to get out, I actually had to miss work today," Amanda Mason said.

Mason told FOX 8 she is happy to see the plows at the apartment complex, but admits being patient in this situation can be tough.

"You can barely walk in this snow and it is up to my knee caps."

Many east-side residents know more snow is on the way this upcoming winter, so they are trying to stay positive.

Dorchester Village Apartments