Cameras in plow trucks may help clear your roads: I-Team

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The FOX 8 I-Team has found cameras in plow trucks could help get more crews to dangerous roadways more quickly.

The State Department of Transportation is testing the camera system as part of a project with the University of Akron.

Some plows have cameras that take photos and send back still pictures to headquarters every five minutes. The plow crews and their bosses can use the photos to help them decide if a particular area needs more plowing and salting or less.

Without the visuals, ODOT garage managers have to rely on verbal descriptions from crews or drivers or police dispatchers. And you know winters in Northeast Ohio. One neighborhood might be getting pounded with snow while another a few miles away is seeing nothing.

In July, the I-Team showed you ODOT had video cameras in plow trucks for police. They helped keep watch for trouble during the Republican National Convention.

As for the cameras now, you won’t find an extra eye in every plow truck. ODOT has cameras in about 180 trucks statewide. And the state is taking in proposals from companies to find out what it would cost to put the new technology in all trucks.

Drivers we met are all for it.

We’ll stay on top of this and watch to see if the program develops statewide.

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