Video gives you first look at what happened in Hudson officer-involved shooting

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HUDSON, Ohio -- The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained police patrol car video of a deadly confrontation between a Hudson police officer and a suspect in the woods. The officer shot the man in the head, and the case is gaining international attention since the man had come to Northeast Ohio from the Middle East to study law.

The video stands out more for what you hear than for what you see.

The incident happened Sunday. Witnesses saw a man run off into the woods after a bad crash on the turnpike. The video shows officer Ryan Doran patrolling and searching. When he turns into a driveway to a wooded area, he jumps out of his car shouting commands and pulling his gun.

The officer repeatedly orders the man to “get down” and “stop," and he threatens to shoot. Ultimately, the struggle takes place off camera, but the audio shows it went on for about a minute. Then you hear silence for several seconds. Then more struggling. And finally, what sounds like 6 gunshots.

The state Bureau of Criminal Investigation is now piecing together what happened just out of view of the camera and more. That includes trying to determine if the man who got shot had a weapon. Why did he run from the accident? Did he have any alcohol or drugs in his system?

Saif Nasser Mubarak Al Ameri came from the United Arab Emirates to study law at Case Western Reserve University.

Wednesday, the Hudson police chief told the I-Team, the use of deadly force comes down to a basic standard. David Robbins said, "No officer shall use deadly force unless it is in the process of protecting himself or someone in the public; it's that simple."

Thursday, Hudson city leaders avoided more questions by posting a video on YouTube. The police chief and city manager said they couldn’t say much since the case is being investigated by an outside agency. And they expressed sympathy for the family of the man killed.

Records show Officer Doran is a veteran officer with a good record.

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