ITEAM: one-on-one with Hudson chief after deadly police shooting

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HUDSON, OH -The FOX 8 I TEAM went one-on-one with the Hudson Police Chief about a deadly police shooting now drawing international attention. Chief Dave Robbins spoke delicately since the case is being investigated by state agents.

Sunday, an officer shot and killed a Case Western Reserve University student here from the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Police have said very little except the incident started with a car moving wildly on the Turnpike.

It crashed. A man got out and ran into some woods in Hudson, and then an officer shot and killed him after some kind of "struggle."

Robbins wouldn't say if the suspect had a weapon. He told us, "I am not going to respond to that because this is being handled by outside investigators, and I'm not going to taint that investigation." He added, "...this investigation is being done by an outside agency on purpose so there's no sense of impropriety."

The I TEAM has learned the officer pulled up into a long driveway into some woods, actually spotted the suspect in some brush, and shouted police commands. What happened next took place outside the view of a police car camera.

Robbins, Wednesday afternoon, refused to name the officer, but called him a "veteran officer, good officer."

The I TEAM requested the Hudson Police use of force policy, and the chief summarized it in a sentence for us. He said no officer shall use deadly force unless it is in the process of protecting himself or the public. "It's that simple," he added.

Wednesday, the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation was scheduled to meet with representatives with the consulate for the United Arab Emirates, the home country of the suspect killed. The state agents planned to explain the investigative process.

The chief says he understands the mystery swirling around the case, but he's reluctant to reveal more specifics with the investigation underway.

However, a Hudson spokesperson said some of the records requests made by the I TEAM surrounding this could be released on Thursday.

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