I-Team: Some carjacking suspects already wanted criminals, known to be dangerous

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The FOX 8 I-Team has learned of even more carjackings in recent days. And we’ve learned some possible suspects may be wanted, hardened criminals.

Over the past several days, we’ve found reports of two women carjacked in separate incidents in Cleveland Heights, another in University Heights, and a man carjacked in his own driveway in Orange Village.

This comes to light after the I-Team reported on two separate carjackings, Tuesday, in Beachwood, and a spree of them, in recent weeks, all over Cleveland.

Some of the suburban cases involved staged accidents. Innocent drivers get bumped by cars from behind. Then the drivers get out to check for damage. Then they watch crooks jump into their cars and drive off. In some cases, victims have even been pushed to the ground.

The case in Orange Village involved a man carjacked at gunpoint. He may have been followed home from a gas station.

Meantime, the I-Team has obtained police radio traffic with a Cleveland dispatcher warning officers to be careful. One broadcast said a stolen Mercedes carjacked in Beachwood may now be driven by possible suspects already wanted for other violent robberies, possibly even a homicide.

Beachwood police say that may have been an officer safety broadcast, but there’s no hard evidence those particular suspects have that vehicle or carried out a Beachwood carjacking.

Some of the vehicles taken in the recent carjackings have been found later. Some have been just left sitting abandoned, and others have been spotted by police with bad guys inside. Police have arrested a handful of people in these cases. but not many suspects.

One Beachwood victim is 79. She told the I-Team, "It's troubling to say the least. What's happening to our world?" She added, "Next time somebody taps my car, I'm just gonna keep on driving. I'm not even gonna stop."

Police say, of course, if someone has a gun, give up the car. And if someone taps your bumper, you can drive to a police station or a crowded, well-lit area.

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