Carjacking alert: Beachwood cases involved staged accidents

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BEACHWOOD-- The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained exclusive video, and the stories behind the latest in a series of carjackings which are now even happening in one of the area’s quietest suburbs.

Tuesday evening, two women got carjacked in separate incidents in Beachwood. Two other carjackings at gunpoint took place on Cleveland’s west side. This comes just days after Cleveland police sent out an alert because of a spike in carjackings.

In Beachwood, both cases involved staged accidents. One happened at Somerset and Belvoir. One on a road outside the Menorah Park nursing home. Both drivers in Beachwood told police that they felt a bump from behind. They got out to check the damage, and then a crook jumped in and took off in their cars.  One victim was a 79-year-old woman thrown to the ground.

In Cleveland, home security video shows what happened on West 90th. A car pulled up. One man jumped out, and he carjacked a man and a woman sitting in an SUV. Then he sped off in the stolen car.

The victims in that case told us, “He said get out of the car. Had a gun. Pointed right at my face...”

And, "You can't fight 'em. You just have to get out. Your life is worth so much more."

It's not clear how many of the recent carjackings may be connected. Investigators are taking a hard look at that.

Menorah Park referred us to Beachwood police. But the I-Team obtained an internal Menorah Park memo outlining increased security around the complex.

Even University Heights police had a report last week of a carjacking.

Home security video obtained by the I-Team shows in one Cleveland case, before a gunman carried out a carjacking, he jumped out of a car police found had been stolen earlier.

Cleveland police did made one arrest several days ago, and some of the vehicles taken by force have been recovered. But police, overall, still have more questions than clues.