‘At the end of the day he’s dead:’ Victim describes Ohio State attack

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COLUMBUS, Ohio-- One of the victims of the attack at Ohio State University on Monday spoke about what he saw.

Professor William Clark said he was walking back inside a campus building after a gas leak when he heard a shout and a crash. Clark said he was hit by the car and flipped over it.

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Investigators said Abdul Razak Ali Artan hit several with his vehicle then got out and started slashing at people with a butcher knife.

Eleven people were injured before an Ohio State police officer shot and killed the suspect. All victims are expected to make a full recovery. Eight of the 11 victims have been discharged from Columbus-area hospitals.

"Until we know all the facts, I prefer to hold judgement," Clark said. "At the end of the day, as I said earlier, I'm sore, but I'm going home this afternoon. And he's dead. So I think, my sense is, out of respect for the living and the dead, is we should wait until we know exactly what the truth is."

Clark said he was heading into a building when he heard three gunshots. He also described a panicked shouting following the crash.

"That's when I figured it was more than a car accident," he told reporters during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Clark said he didn't hear the suspect say anything, but believes the officer told him to put the knife down three times. He said there was only 20 to 30 seconds before Artan was dead.

The professor didn't realize he was bleeding until a student pointed out a trail of blood. He suffered injuries to his legs.

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OSU police officer Alan Horujko is on administrative leave, which is protocol. 

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Wexner Medical Center officials says one more patient has been discharged. Three others remain hospitalized. 

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“We expect all individuals to make a full recovery.”

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A professor, who was injured, says he was outside for the gas leak. He was walking back towards the building when he heard a shout and a crash.

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He says he was flipped over the car. He got up and went towards the building with several students. He heard the three shots.

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He was in the basement with students when one noticed he was bleeding. Emergency personnel were already on the scene.

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The professor describes panicked shouting, “That’s when I figured it was more than a car accident.”

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He says 20-30 seconds after the crash he heard the shots. He saw another student who was hit by the car, but didn’t see any of the stab victims.

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The professor says he doesn’t want to speculate because “At the end of the day, he’s dead.” He says it’s very unfortunate that so many people were outside because of the unrelated fire drill.

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“I didn’t hear him say anything.”

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Professor William Clark: “We’re still a great university and we still beat Michigan.”

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Professor Clark says he believes the suspect was asked three times to put the knife down.