Winterfest ceremony officially lights up the holiday season at Public Square!

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CLEVELAND--The holiday season is officially underway in Cleveland, with an event that brings a big crowd downtown every year.

Winterfest is back at Public Square. It was the first time in a few years the square has been the center of attention for this, but the revamp in 2016 has made for an impressive Winterfest venue.

There are lights everywhere you look on the square.

"It's beautiful; Cleveland is definitely shining tonight," said Anna Kime, who attended the event.

Thousands watched as Santa Claus and the Grinch made an appearance, Saturday.

"It's a great vibe. The city's alive with our championship and a great Indians run and everyone is just having a good time with family," said one Clevelander.

Food trucks lined Public Square at the Downtown Cleveland Alliance event.

"It's very convenient; you don't have to travel everywhere just to find something to eat."

There was music from area artists like The Spazmatics and Amanda Jones.

It is truly a winter wonderland downtown, but the lights and the tree aren't the only focal points at Public Square this holiday season.

A true gem is the new ice skating rink. People skated for free on Saturday and plan to come back for more.

(More details on free skating and the rink's hours here)