Recipe box: Thanksgiving quesadillas

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CLEVELAND - Dawn Smith from Weight Watchers showed our morning show folks how to make Thanksgiving Quesadillas - an easy and healthy recipe using leftovers.

Thanksgiving Quesadillas

Prep 10 min./ Cook 12 min./ Serves 4
8 small corn tortillas
1 c shredded reduced-fat Cheddar cheese
4 oz. cooked turkey breast without skin, shredded
¼ c cranberry sauce (leftover or canned)
½ c stuffing
1. Place 4 tortillas on a flat surface; sprinkle each with 1/3 cup cheese. Top each with 1 oz turkey and 1 tbsp cranberry sauce; crumble 2 tbsp stuffing on top. Cover each with another tortilla; press down firmly.
2. Coat a large nonstick skillet with nonstick spray; heat over medium-high heat. Carefully place 2 quesadillas on skillet; cook until browned on bottom, about 3 minutes. Flip quesadillas; cook until browned on second side, about 3 minutes more. Remove from pan, transfer to aplate, and cover to keep warm. Repeat with remaining quesadillas. Cut each quesadilla into 4 wedges.

Per serving (4 wedges) 272 cal, 6g total fat, 2g sat fat, 323 mg sod, 36g total carb, 7g sugar, 4g fib, 20g prot. SmartPoints value: 8


This recipe is from the Nov/Dec issue of Weight Watchers magazine

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