Twinsburg: babysitter arrested for fraud, forgery

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TWINSBURG, OH - A babysitter busted yet again...and police say it’s for the same crime she’s accused of committing in the past.

Twinsburg police arrested 43-year-old Kelly Lynn Nagy Friday, November 11th.

They say the majority of cases involve Nagy receiving checks from the victims and changing the amount before she cashed them. For example, if she was paid 1 thousand dollars, she'd change the amount to 4 thousand.

Police say she has been doing this for the past several years, with her criminal history going back to 2014. The most recent fraud incidents started back in October of this year and involved three different victims, two of whom she babysat for.

Nagy is on probation for those past fraud cases, so police say she'll likely face even more charges.

She is currently charged with 5 counts of forgery in this investigation.

Police say she doesn't care who she hurts, and has even stolen the identity of her son. One of the victims is out nearly 16 thousand dollars.