MLB to destroy rather than donate Cleveland Indians World Series champions gear

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Major League Baseball says it’s taking a different route this year when it comes to the gear made ahead of time for the team that did not win the World Series.

Merchandise like T-shirts and hats are generally produced before the results of a championship game. After a winner emerges, the items are usually donated to charity.

But this year, MLB tells Huffington Post that it is destroying the gear made to sell if the Cleveland Indians would have won the World Series.

“In past years we have used World Vision, but we have moved our policy to destroying the merchandise,” MLB’s Matt Bourne told the Huffington Post. “The reason is to protect the team from inaccurate merchandise being available or visible in the general marketplace.”

Last year’s merchandise made for the New York Mets was donated to World Vision and distributed to people in need in developing countries, Huffington Post reports.

It’s not clear when or how the merchandise will be destroyed.

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