Exclusive video: Cleveland police cruiser set on fire

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Fox 8 I-Team has exclusive video of a cruiser set on fire early Saturday morning.

The cruiser was parked in the lot outside of Cleveland's First District police station.  A report states officers saw the zone car on fire, with flames rising from inside the interior of the vehicle with the passenger side door ajar. No one was inside the cruiser at the time.

The arson unit responded to the scene.

"It’s scary," said Steve Loomis, president of the Cleveland Police Union. "If someone would do this to a car parked at a police station you wonder what else they would do.”

About 30 minutes before the zone car was set fire, officers responded to a similar crime.  A car at a west side dealership was also set on fire.

The owner of the dealership, Neal Assad, said the car was a total loss.

"It’s destroyed," Assad told Fox 8. "This is a lot of money for us. I hope they catch the person responsible."

Anyone with any information is asked to call police as soon as possible.

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