Remains of 2nd person found on South Carolina property

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WOODRUFF, S.C. — Authorities have found another body buried at the rural South Carolina property where a woman was found chained in a metal container.

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said Sunday human remains have been uncovered in one of the two places that Todd Kohlhepp pointed to as gravesites. Wright says “we’re not even close” on identifying the remains or cause of death.

The exhumation of those remains and search for others will continue Monday at the 95-acre property near Woodruff.

Wright says Kohlhepp has not said who is buried in the gravesites he showed officers Saturday.

A body found on the site Friday has been identified as the boyfriend of the woman found a day earlier. Kohlhepp has confessed to gunning down four people at a motorcycle shop in Chesnee in 2003.

Wright says the investigation is extending to other properties Kohlhepp currently or used to own. Those properties are not limited to South Carolina.

He says the FBI and Homeland Security are involved.

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The suspect

Kohlhepp appeared before a magistrate judge in Spartanburg on Sunday and was denied bond. Magistrate Judge Jimmy Henson said a circuit court could revisit the issue of bond later.

Kohlhepp wore an orange jumpsuit and declined to speak when Henson offered him the chance to make a statement. He didn’t have an attorney.

Family members of victims of the 2003 slayings were there.

Kohlhepp is charged with four counts of murder in the shooting deaths more than a decade ago at Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee. The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said in an investigative report filed Saturday that he confessed to the killings.

He is also charged with kidnapping a woman and keeping her chained on a rural property. Her rescue this week led to the break in the murder case.