Wild Thing: Is Charlie Sheen on the way to help the Tribe?

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CLEVELAND – When the Cleveland Indians made the World Series, there was a huge push for Charlie Sheen, star of “Major League,” to throw out one of the first pitches.

Sheen, who played “Wild Thing” in the two “Major League” movies, responded and said he would be honored to do it if he was asked.

The movie series follows the misfit Cleveland Indians and their postseason push.

But the Indians announced that it was not to be.

Sheen, who showed some big support for the Tribe during the Series…well….let’s just say he disagreed with the decision, tweeting this out during the VERY painful Game 6 Tribe loss:

And then, early Wednesday, Sheen tweeted out that he was on the way to help, packing his bag  with Jobu, his Wild Thing glasses and various other good luck mementos from the movie:

So……will the Wild Thing come through for Game 7? In person? In spirit? We’ll take it, Charlie, Believeland will take it!

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