Cleveland Museum of Art, Chicago Institute of Art give masterpieces that ‘team’ touch

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CLEVELAND – Right now Cleveland and Chicago are the champs of the baseball world. But the two cities are also champs when it comes to their art museums.

The Cleveland Museum of Art and the Art Institute of Chicago are world-renowned for their art collections. They also each have a very strong sense of city pride – proven by a little “art war” that they are waging on social media.

Not content to post pictures of their staff cheering on the World Series teams, each museum has turned some of their best-knows artworks into homages for each team.

How about American Gothic, from Chicago:

Not to be outdone by Cleveland favorite Nathaniel Olds:

Fox 8 is your exclusive World Series station!

Sunday in the Park with…..The Cubs

Lawrence’s portrait of Tribe fan Catherine Grey:

Who knew the  old masters were such baseball fans?

Well done, CIA and CMA! Well done!!!

Want to see all the pictures? View them on the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Instagram page and the Chicago Art Institute’s Instagram page.