Suspect in fatal wheelchair hit and run turns himself in to Cleveland police

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CLEVELAND - The missing suspect in the hit and run death of a man in a wheelchair has turned himself in to Cleveland police.

Israel Lugo, 34, of Cleveland, was wanted for aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident and obstructing official business in the death of John E. Kudryk, 55, of Cleveland.

It happened earlier this month at the intersection of West 25th Street and Meyer Avenue.

Two cars were street racing right before one of them hit and killed a man in a wheelchair early Friday, sources tell Fox 8's Ed Gallek.

Sources said the two cars were street racing at about 55 miles per hour, when one of the cars hit and killed the man.

The 21-year-old female driver who allegedly hit him was taken to the hospital. A passenger in her vehicle was also hurt during the crash.

Lugo fled the scene and had his son call 911 to report his car being stolen. He then filed a false police report. Police say he has been staying with different people in the area and goes by a number of aliases, especially when purchasing cars.

He turned himself in to police Friday, October 28th.