Woman accused of assaulting school secretary when she thought child was missing

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AKRON, Ohio-- Police on Thursday were summoned to Robinson Community Learning Center after a local mother burst into the office believing her child was missing.

According to police reports, the child was supposed to be waiting in the office for his grandmother to pick him up, but when she came to the school he wasn't there.  The boy decided to walk to his grandmother's house, but neither the grandmother nor the mother knew that.

Police say his mother, Rochelle Finney, 24, then came to the school angry and launched into an obscenity-laden violent outburst.

"Instead of talking to the staff and finding out what was happening or what was going on, she immediately burst into the office area. She's screaming obscenities. She goes behind the actual counter where the secretary sits; she picks up chairs; she throws them at the secretary; she kicks the secretary; she rips the blinds down," said Akron Police Lieutenant Rick Edwards.

Police said the woman kicked the school's secretary several times.

The secretary was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries but she also suffered a panic attack.

The police report said a witness saw Finney run around the office desk swinging and trying to jump on the secretary.

She was physically restrained by the school principal until police arrived.

"I can understand her being panicked, but you don't get any kind of service when you are acting out in this behavior, you know, walking in nervous, not knowing what is going on, ask the staff: 'Can we look for my child? Do you have any idea what's going on?' At least inquire about what is going on; just don't go into the office and start tearing things up and assaulting people," said Edwards.

Finney was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail on charges that include criminal damaging and felony assault.

"She was charged with assaulting the school administrator, which brings it to the level of a felony because they are actually in charge of children there and they are protected class according to Ohio revised code," said Edwards.

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