Trump Jr. says conversations like his father’s hot mic comments are ‘a fact of life’

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Donald Trump Jr. says conversations like the one his father had in 2005 where he boasted about forcing himself on women and grabbing their genitals are “a fact of life.”

In appearance Friday on KIRO radio 97.3’s “Dori Monson Show,” Trump Jr. addressed his father’s hot mic comments, saying, “Obviously he’s not happy about that, but I think we probably all know guys who have had conversations with other guys that go a little bit in that direction, that’s a fact of life. I think he’s able to relate to ordinary Americans because in many cases he is still very much like that. He does do that. He hasn’t spent his whole life sitting there polishing every statement he’s ever made, every conversation he’s ever had.”

Donald Trump apologized for his comments in a video statement shortly after they were leaked, and has since referred to them as “locker room talk.”

Trump Jr. went on to call his father’s comment a “mistake.”

“He doesn’t run a focus group so he can tell you what he’s thinking,” he said. “He speaks from the heart, that one is obviously one that we don’t want to — that was a mistake, he recognizes that. He realizes it, but he’s able to make a mistake because he hasn’t spent his whole life just trying to be a politician.”

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