Man treats mom to 20 European adventures after husband’s passing

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NEW YORK– For the 20 years after her husband suffered a stroke, Carla Brooks never left his side.

But when Karl passed away last year, Carla lost her sense of purpose.

“My mother’s entire life has been about other people, for as long as I can remember. But especially since my dad’s stroke,” her son Barton Brooks told People.

“She was so bound to him and his care that she just couldn’t. She was paralyzed and that broke my heart. She was stuck as a caregiver who had lost her meaning, her meaning was my dad,” Barton said.

That’s why Barton surprised his mother with 20 adventures in Europe. One for every year she cared for her husband.

Before she married Karl, Carla backpacked across Europe to cure her broken heart from her ex-fiance.

“She traveled around Europe and explored and healed her broken heart through that,” Barton said.

Barton and Carla already experienced restaurants in France and went to Disneyland Paris.

You can follow along with their adventure here.