Dad hopes video of son learning mom died from overdose sends message to addicts

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - The video is raw and very personal.

It shows the moment Brenden Clark breaks the news to his 8-year-old son that the boy's mother died of a drug overdose

"That was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. For hours, I contemplated how am I going to tell my son that his mother just died? Nobody wants to hear their mother died," Clark said.

It was news Clark said even he did not want to believe.

"I literally dropped to my knees and just prayed. I prayed that it wasn't true. I was messaging her hoping she would message me back, but I got nothing," Clark said.

The video shows the boy weeping as Clark and his mother try their best to comfort him.

Clark said he chose to share the moment on his Facebook page, motivated by scenes like an East Liverpool couple passed out in their car with a child in the back seat. He's hoping it will show others struggling with an addiction the profound impact they can have on others close to them.

It has been viewed more than 31 million times and shared by more than 700,000 people.

"My Facebook actually stopped receiving messages. I have gotten, I don't even know how many messages from people thanking me, telling me that they needed to see that; telling me that it literally changed them, changed their whole perspective on things, their whole outlook on things, their whole outlook on their relationship with their child, their whole outlook on the whole aspect of addiction," Clark told FOX 8 News.

Not all of the comments are positive, but Clark said he can live with that if his video helps just one other person see what impact their addiction has on others.

"I had an idea to do what I did, not thinking of the attention it could bring. But mainly focusing on the message it would send to people in active addiction," Clark said.

Clark admitted he is fighting his own battle to overcome addiction, but said the overwhelming experience he shared with others has given him inspiration to overcome his own challenges.

"Absolutely, times a hundred, times a thousand, times a million," Clark said.

"I know I have to step up twice as much now. I know that really, as a parent, I'm the only parent that he has right now."

Clark's mother told FOX 8 when anyone asks her about the tragedy she simply responds: "God's got this."